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El's absolute mission is to provide customers with elegant and healthy teas so they can create beautiful moments of their own. – After all “A good life is a collection of happy moments”Denis Waitley

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I can highly recommend El’s Tranquillity Tea it tastes great and works like a dream, it will be a winner for all peppermint lovers!


I didn’t know how great tea could taste until I came across El’s Tea. Having a cup of her tea can make my afternoon so much more pleasant. Definitely now a necessity for every day of my work week


My first word is WOW El's teas are simply delicious! I have tried all of them but my two go to's are El's Organic Ginger Snap and El's Whimsical Acai Berry! Some of the nicest teas I have ever come across


El’s Beauty Sleep Tea is beautiful to drink I was pleasantly surprised because I don’t usually like many sleep tea’s but this was the exception! It has helped me to get off to sleep and stay asleep for most the night. Thank El this is my new favourite!


Truly inspiring, great customer service and fabulous Tea.  Thought Ginger Snap was my favourite, but then I tried Tranquillity Tea and now I love both just as much.  Cannot wait to try a few more.


I have tried quite a few of El's teas and love so many of them.  My absolute favourite though is El's Organic Ginger  Snap Tea as it is calming, soothing and just so delicious. Can't wait to try more of El's teas.  Thanks so much to El for your passion and commitment to tea drinkers.