Brewing & Steeping are they the same?

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Have you ever wanted to know how to make the perfect cup of Tea? Then you need to understand the difference between Brewing and Steeping, so if you want to be clued in on these distinct differences keep reading.

Brewing and Steeping are vital parts of the Tea making process. Brewing is the authentic act of making the Tea and Steeping is the process involved.


1. Brewing the Tea

First things first, to be able to brew the perfect Cup of Tea you need a few things, Fresh water, Teapot or Infuser, Tea Leaves or Tea Bags and the correct Steeping times. Depending on how you like your Tea or how much you’re making you will need 1-3 Teaspoons of Tea Leaves. Next bring the water to the boil (it’s important that you use Filtered or Spring Water to make your Tea). Why you ask? Because even though there is nothing wrong with Tap Water it usually contains chlorine, Lime and many other Minerals, which can taint the flavour of the fine fragrances especially when drinking Herbal Teas.


2. Steeping the Tea

Now onto the Steeping phase of Brewing the Tea. Most of you would know that this part of the process is super vital and can make or break the success to the perfect Cup of Tea. For those of you who already love making Tea you will know that Steeping is more important than Brewing Tea. The reason behind this difference is that depending on the type of Tea your making the Steeping time will vary. The process is rather delicate and in order to make the best cup you must first ace the Steeping technique.

Steeping your Tea will begin when you pour your boiling water into the Teapot or over your Infuser. The main purpose of steeping is to immerse your tea leaves or tea bag with the Water depending on what you’re using. This is where things can get a little tricky as over Steeping can lead your Tea to tasting bitter resulting in you not being able to enjoy your Tea like you should. As I mentioned earlier different types of Tea require different Steeping times. Below I have included a little guide that will help get you Steeping like a pro in no time at all!


3. Steeping times

Herbal Teas – 95 Degrees Celsius or 203 Degrees Fahrenheit

Green Tea – 74 to 85 Degrees Celsius or 160 Degrees Fahrenheit

Black Tea – 95 Degrees Celsius or 203 Degrees Fahrenheit

White Tea – 85 Degrees Celsius or 185 Degrees Fahrenheit

Oolong Tea – 95 Degrees Celsius or 203 Degrees Fahrenheit


There you have it a little pocket guide to help you on your way to steeping a perfect cup of Tea. I hope you enjoyed this Blog about Brewing and Steeping. I’ll be back soon with more Tea things so, until next time Happy Steeping! 

 Elly x

tea steeping in an infuser  

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