Introducing Tea and Me

Welcome back Tea lovers – I hope everyone is going well!

I have been on a content writing mission over the last couple of weeks and it’s been wonderful. I have been so inspired to write that things have just flowed so easily. Today’s Blog is going to be a little different because I actually want to promote a fellow Tea Blogger who was gracious enough to do a delightful review on El’s Tea Shop back in December 2019.

The lovely lady I am talking about goes by the name Danielle and her blog is called Tea and Me. She is a College Student in the US who is insanely passionate about all things Tea. She reviews a wide range of teas (mine included) and gives so much detail in her reviews. She goes through the analyzation of the Tea, the Pricing and the Packaging and because she is so detailed in her reviews I highly recommend giving her Blog a look especially if you’re on the hunt for new Teas to try.

Her Blog is not only about reviewing teas but she also shares a range of Blogs about Tea basics, Recipes, Holistic remedies and health and wellness. Her passion really shines through in her writing and her content is truly a pleasure to read.

I love being able to support and promote other people in our Tea community and hope that you will head over to her Blog to show her some love and support!

To read the beautiful review she did on El’s Tea Shop click the link below.

Until next time Happy Steeping!

Elly x

Danielle from the Tea and Me Blog

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