Keeping Hydrated in Winter with Tea

Hello my lovely Tea Lovers welcome back!

In my last Blog I spoke about my go to Teas when I am suffering with a Cold or Flu during the Winter Season. Today I wanted to talk about keeping Hydrated in the Winter and doing it with Herbal Teas. If you are anything like me, trying to drink your required daily intake of water in the winter is REALLY hard, so much so I am lucky if some days I drink 600ml (It’s terrible I know). When it is cold my usual want for water is diminished and even the mere thought of drinking water makes me freeze. My best friend Amanda who is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) is always talking to me about water intake and how it’s so important especially to get your digestive systems going. She is always checking up on me in winter to see that I am actually drinking because becoming dehydrated is a not a joking matter and it can make you more vulnerable to illness. The following symptoms are signs of Dehydration – light headiness, dizziness, very dark urine and headaches. You could even be very thirsty and possibly even get a very dry mouth, lips and tongue. [1]

These symptoms are enough to scare me into upping my water take even in winter! This is why Herbal Teas are absolutely perfect to assist you in drinking more water. I think giving yourself a yummy and warm incentive is a great way to start. Brew a morning cup; carry a Thermos to work with you; and drink a cup before and after dinner. I like herbal blends, because I don't have to worry about the fact that Caffeine causes me to lose — and need to replace — even more water.

Below I have linked my favorite Teas to drink throughout the day and the times of day I like to drink them.

El’s Tantalizing Turmeric Chai Tea – I like to drink this tea first up in the morning because it’s not only earthy and warming but it has a touch of spice to start my day off right!

El’s Organic Ginger Snap Tea – I like to have a pot of this tea around 10:00am usually by this time I am starting to fade and this beautiful and fragrant blend gives me a delightful energy boost. 

El’s Energising Matcha – This Tea is the most perfect 3:00pm pick me up as by this time in the afternoon I am starting to fade after a busy day and this Tea helps me take a breather to unwind my mind and give me that much needed energy boost to finish off my afternoon.

El’s Organic Ginger Snap Tea – Now I know I mentioned this one before, but this is also a fantastic Tea to drink before dinner as Ginger helps with your Digestive system. I usually drink this anywhere between 5:30pm -6:00pm depending on what time I am eating dinner.

El’s Beauty Sleep Tea – I LOVE drinking this elegant blend after dinner and before bed. I will usually brew a pot of this around 7:00pm.

So, there you have it some tips for keeping warm and hopefully very hydrated this Winter!

Until next time Happy Steeping & Dinking :)

Elly x

Amanda with tea in NZ

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