Tea Ritual’s & Mindfulness

Hello Tea Lovers and Welcome back!

Today I want to take you on a journey where you can learn to practice mindfulness whilst making your cup of Tea. I know it sounds odd but bear with me here and let me explain what I mean. The very act of drinking Tea lightens the mood and you start to relax, for example if someone comes to you and is distressed, 9 times out of 10 you probably say to them “sit down and let me make you a cup of Tea” why you ask?,  Because over the years we have associated Tea drinking with relaxing.

Mindfulness, moments of happiness and relaxation have always been universal to tea drinking. This is why tea Ceremonies/Rituals are part of many cultures around the world, it speaks for itself. In addition to these uplifting effects, Tea drinking has much more to it. Modern science says it’s beneficial for your wellbeing to drink tea daily, and the positive effects it can have such as;

  • Feeling relaxed
  • Keeping alert & focused
  • Helping with stress
  • Improving your mood

These are just some of the benefits of drinking Tea. In 2009 a study on Tea Drinkers by Psychologists at the City University of London found that drinking Tea helped to reduce Anxiety and Stress[1].

So, how can you bring some Mindfulness whilst brewing your favorite cup of Tea? As we live in a bustling society it’s rare that any of us have the time for a full-blown Tea Ceremony. (I know I don’t) but here’s how I practice 10-minutes of Mindfulness when brewing my Tea.

To cultivate Mindful Tea drinking is easy, and this habit is also a gentle way to start. Below are some ideas on how to exercise Mindfulness with a simple tea ritual:

  1. Watch the water in your kettle boil.
  2. Listen to the water sounds as it starts to come to the boil.
  3. Place your Tea Leaves into your Teapot or Infuser and pour over the water.
  4. Watch the colors from the Tea Leaves bleed into the water and smell the beautiful aromas steaming out.
  5. Once steeped stir your Tea and pour into your cup and feel the warmth penetrate your hands. Take small sips instead of big gulps; believe it or not it makes a difference.

Mindfulness means opening up your senses and paying attention to them. A sense of Touch, Seeing, Hearing and tasting will allow you to experience being present and in the moment. This simple Tea Ritual is a fantastic way to be present and appreciate taking some time out during your busy day.

I have always thought that drinking Tea creates an experience unique to each individual so as long as you can slow down open up your senses to the process you will be on the right track to practicing Mindfulness whist enjoying your favorite beverage. 

Until next time Tea Lovers enjoy practicing Mindfulness with Tea!

Elly x

peaceful mindfulness with tea

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