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Welcome back Tea Lovers!

I hope you’re looking forward to Today’s Blog because I am truly very excited to share some thoughts with you about Tea and Spirituality. Earlier in April I posted a Blog about practicing Mindfulness through Tea drinking rituals (Click here to read it if you haven’t already). Today I want to expand on that a little further and get into the more Spiritual side of things.

Over the last few years I have started to find myself through spirituality. When I was in Thailand a couple of years ago I wanted to get a Tattoo to commemorate our trip, however  the few Tattoos I do have already have some special meanings behind them so this one could be no different. I decided I would get a Lotus Flower because it symbolized spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. This flower literally grows in the mud and yet turns into something so stunning and mesmerising. There is a Buddhist Monk by the name of Thich Nhat Hanh who created a beautiful metaphor “No Mud, no Lotus” which means there is something amazing coming after enduring pain and difficulties. These types of difficulties will give us the strength and confidence that a Lotus can emerge out of the mud and if in darkness choose not to drown.

Okay so how is this related to Tea? These days our ever-changing society creates detachments from people and nature. We are constantly faced with difficult decisions, stressful situations, fear and negativity. Tea is a major part of Buddhism and for centuries, it has been used in meditations. Tea is filled with energy and while rarely mentioned in the West, in China energy is a very important feature (and benefit) of Tea. Tea energy will help you feel relaxed, alert, happy and awake. Including Tea in meditation is a good way to exercise Mindfulness, become calm, and communicate with nature. To really enjoy Tea, all your senses must be included.

You are probably thinking to yourself does Tea have this kind of power? And my answer to you is YES! Tea is the drink we offer to people in times of difficulty to comfort, make them feel peaceful and lift their spirits.

Tea is able to teach us great life lessons in that it can help us to overcome challenges, show us beauty, keep us happy and calm, teach us how to love people and bring us closer to others. So, when your next faced with a hard decision instead of turning to negativity or over-consumption of unhealthy food and other unhealthy behaviours, try turning to Tea you might just find it’s exactly what you need for your Lotus to emerge from the mud in which it grows.

Until next time I hope you can start to open up your senses to the spirituality that lies within Tea!

Elly x

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