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Hello Tea Lovers and welcome to the very first ETS Blog - I told you big things were coming in 2020 and here we are starting the year off with a fabulous bang!

As some of you may know my name is Elly and I am the proud owner and founder of El’s Tea Shop. I am passionate about all things Tea and my absolute mission is to provide my customers with elegant and healthy Teas so they can create beautiful moments of their own. Drinking Tea creates a unique experience and I want people who love Tea as much as I do to share these experiences. There are many things I absolutely adore about Tea, but the health benefits it can provide along with the mindfulness and spirituality would have to be among my favorites, and I cannot wait to share my thoughts on these topics with you. 

I launched El’s Tea Shop back in August 2019 and it has always been my plan to launch a Blog as another layer to my site. I want to connect with the wider Tea community and start a little community of our own. I want to share my experiences, tips, recipes and knowledge I have learned about Herbal Teas and share my opinions and hopefully get yours along the way too.

I am new to the land of Blogging and I am hugely excited to be starting on this adventure. As I do work fulltime as well as run my business my aim is to get one Blog out per month and hopefully include a few bonuses throughout the year when I can. I want to ensure that everyone knows that everything I write about are all my own thoughts and opinions unless stated or referenced otherwise.

I will wrap this up for now and I can’t wait to share my first official Blog with you and I look forward to sharing this adventure with you all!

Until next time Happy Steeping!

Elly x

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  • Welcome to the blogging community!!! 😊


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