Winter Colds & Flus mean more Tea

Hello Tea lovers – Welcome back to the ETS Blog and as Winter has just arrived down here in the Southern Hemisphere I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to talk about those nasty Winter Colds and Flus that we all hope not to get. Unfortunately for me, my immune system isn’t the greatest, so no matter how many Vitamin C I take or what Flu shot I get I always seem to end up with some kind of Cold in the Winter months. I thought I would share with you my favorite Teas to drink from the El’s Tea Shop Collection when I’m feeling down and out from a Cold or Flu.

It is no secret that El’s Organic Ginger Snap Tea is without a doubt my all-time favorite Tea in my collection. When it comes to Colds and Flus Ginger has been used as a remedy for hundreds of years, and Brewing and Steeping a pot of this tantalizing fragrant blend does wonders to help with Nausea, Congestion and even sooth that sore Throat. To add a little sweetness to help that sore Throat I sometimes add a dash of Honey which adds another layer to this gorgeous Ginger blend.

My next go to Tea is El’s Tantalizing Turmeric Chai which sounds exotic right? Well it is in a really earthy and warming way. My love of Turmeric comes from many years of listening to my Nana talk about the many benefits of Turmeric and how it was the best natural anti-inflammatory going, and she swore by it especially for Colds and Flus. Over the years I have tried Turmeric drinks to try and assist fighting my Colds but to be honest when you drink Turmeric on its own it isn’t particularly tasty, so when I introduced my Turmeric Chai I knew this would be the best replacement!

The last Tea I am almost certain to reach for when I’m snuggled under the blankets and reaching for the Tissue Box is El’s Tranquility Tea. This Tea is not so much about its healing powers but more to help me relax. Dinking this Tea feels comforting and allows me to unwind my mind and get some much-needed rest while getting back to good health again.

So there you have it my favorite go to Teas to help with Colds and Flus. If you would like to try any of the Teas mentioned above I have linked them to thier product pages. If you have any go to Teas I would love to hear what you reach for when that nasty Winter Cold nabs you.

Until next time Happy Steeping!

Elly x

elly with tea in front of fire

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