El's Cinnamon Breeze Chai Tea
Cinnamon Breeze Chai Tea

El's Cinnamon Breeze Chai Tea

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100% Organic

El’s Cinnamon Breeze Chai Tea is an elegant blend that will be sure to warm your heart!

For years this delectable Indian favourite has laid plenty of claims to the advantages of the Chai Spices and not to mention being anti-oxidant, metabolism boosting, anti-inflammatory and digestion enhancing.

Sounding like your cup of tea?

This tea can be enjoyed anytime of the day but especially perfect for an after-dinner treat!

Brewing the perfect cup

Bring these aromatic spices alive by whisking a heaped teaspoon of El’s Cinnamon Breeze Chai Tea powder in 250mls of freshly-boiled water, dairy or non-dairy milk, or black tea, for 1 minute the choice is yours!


  • Organic Sri Lankan Cinnamon
  • Organic Ground Cardamom
  • Organic Ground Ginger
  • Organic Ground Allspice Pimento
  • Organic Ground Cloves
  • Organic Ground Nutmeg
  • Organic Stevia Leaf Powder

Storing Your Tea

Store below 25c in a dry place


BPA Free, Low Carbon footprint