El's Whimsical Acai Berry Tea
Whimsical Acai Berry Tea

El's Whimsical Acai Berry Tea

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The main star of El’s Whimsical Acai Berry Tea is… yes you guessed it ACAI BERRIES!

They are known to be one of nature’s superfood gems and get their vivacious red colour from Anthocyanins, a supreme Antioxidant additionally found in Red Wine. Anthocyanins may encompass health advantages, anti-ageing properties and may well facilitate with enhancing memory.

With El’s Whimsical Acai Berry Tea containing all-natural ingredients you could say that this tea is your new BFF!

Brewing the perfect cup

Bring these Whimsical herbs to life by infusing 1 teaspoon in 250mls of freshly-boiled water for 10 minutes or to preference. Strain and Enjoy the moment!

You can drink 3-4 cups per day.

Ingredients – with a bit of knowledge with what these herbs are traditionally associated with;

  • Acai Berry – energy-stimulating, immune boosting and healing
  • Hibiscus – metabolism, hormone balance, anxiety, symptoms of menstruation such as mood swings and hair and skin health
  • Hawthorn Berries – cramps and tummy discomfort
  • Goji Berries – skin health, eye health
  • Rose Petals – skin cleansing
  • Mandarin Peel – hair and skin health (bursting with Vitamin C)
  • Raspberry Leaf – women’s health; PMS, fertility and preparation of a pregnant mother for birth.

(Special Note) Organic ingredients used where possible.

Storing Your Tea

Store below 25c in a dry place


BPA Free, Low Carbon footprint