Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does Tea Last?

A: Typically, tea is always at its most effective when consumed within 6 months of purchase, however tea can last for up to 12 months if stored correctly. To maintain the life span of your tea it’s a good idea to store your tea in an air-tight container or zip lock bag and keep in a cool dry place.

Q: Are your Tea’s Gluten Free?

A: They certainly are. 

Q: Are all your Tea’s Organic?

A: We have a few Tea’s that are 100% organic you can tell if a Tea is 100% organic on their product page. However, we always use organic ingredients when available to us.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: For all shipping related queries please see our Shipping Policy.

Q: Do you send a confirmation once I have placed my order?

A: Absolutely – no need to stress once you have placed your order you will get a confirmation email that we have received your order. If it appears that you haven’t received the email, we recommend checking your junk and spam inboxes too as they can occasionally end up in there.

Q: Do you do refunds or returns?

A: For all refund & return related queries please see our Refund Policy.

Q: I would like to be notified when you are having specials or promotions?

A: Too Easy, when you make a purchase you are automatically added to our mailing list so you will always receive an email when we are having a sale or doing a promotion. If you wish to “opt out” you can simply untick the box upon checking out.

Q: Can both men and women drink El’s Tea?

A: Of course, both men and women can drink El’s Tea! Tea does not discriminate against gender or ANYTHING else for that matter. (That would be ridiculous)

Q: Is there a recommended age for El’s Slenderizing & Digestive Teatox’s?

A: It is recommended that you be 18 years or older, if however you are under age, permission from a parent or guardian is required before you purchase. Our Digestive Tea does contain herbs that can have a slight laxative effect. This can be harmful for someone under 18 and their body development.

Q: Do El’s Slenderizing or Digestive Teatox’s have any side effects?

A:  As with any Teatox or detox there is always a chance of a few side effects, however the side effects are minimal and may vary as every individual has a different metabolism. It is always recommended that if you are concerned or unsure about using one of these products that you seek professional advice from a GP before using.

Below is a break down of possible side effects along with a list of things that you should NOT experience when consuming either of these products.

El’s Slenderizing Teatox

May Experience

Should NOT Experience

Bowel movements increasing




Severe cramping


El’s Digestive Teatox

May Experience

Should NOT Experience

Bowel movements increasing

Very slight cramping

Slight diarrhoea


Severe cramping


If side effects persist or you experience any of the symptoms in the “Should NOT” column please stop using the product immediately and consult with your GP.

Tips for reducing and or preventing side effects:

  • Commence taking either the Slenderizing or Digestive Teatox on a weekend before making it a part of your weekday routine. This way you have a couple of days to see how your body reacts without the stress of being at work.
  • Reducing your Brewing/Steeping time – This can help with the strength of the laxative in the Digestion tea. This will also vary from person to person as mentioned above each individual’s metabolism is different and plays a part on how it will affect you. We recommend reducing Brewing/Steeping time by approximately 40-50 seconds.

Q: I am getting headaches why is this happening?

A: Dehydration & Toxins – When using El’s Slenderizing Teatox, typically your body will be trying to get rid of those nasty toxins. Not drinking enough water can hinder your bodies natural ‘elimination’ process if you will. This means you can have a build up of toxins which can cause you to get headaches. Not drinking enough water can also lead to you becoming dehydrated, which when drinking the digestive tea is important to remember, as the natural effect to the body is to reduce water retention. Always be mindful about drinking enough water to stay completely hydrated throughout the day.

Caffeine intake and withdrawals – Believe it or not you can get headaches from both caffeine intake and withdrawals. It is a natural reaction of our bodies when we limit or completely stop our caffeine intake that your body becomes use to it and the headaches will subside. Alternatively, if your body isn’t used to caffeine, or has sensitivities to it, this can also be a cause of headaches as some lose leaf teas do contain a small amount of caffeine.

Q: How often can I drink El’s Teas?

A: All our teas and powders can be consumed on a long-term basis. Although when it comes to our Slenderizing & Digestive Teatox’s we have some other recommendations.

El’s Slenderizing Teatox – This tea comes in a 14 day pack we strongly recommend a 4-5 week break before you commence again.

El’s Digestive Teatox – This tea has been specifically designed as a “short term” tea and comes in a 28 day pack. We strongly recommend a 6-8 week break before you commence again.

Q: Do I need to stop drinking coffee when doing a Teatox?

A: It is recommended that you cease drinking coffee when doing a Teatox as caffeine causes dehydration and can hinder the results of the Teatox. Ultimately the choice is yours!

Q: I have a medical condition should I drink your tea?

A: It is highly recommended that if you have a medical condition you don’t consume any of our teas until you have consulted with a GP. We also suggest taking a list of ingredients with you to help your GP determine if its safe for you to drink the tea.

Q: Do contraceptive pills get affected when drinking your teas?

A: The only tea that might affect the contraceptive pill is “El’s Digestive Teatox” so if this is something you are worried about please consult your GP before consuming.

Q: Do I need to change my diet or routine when doing a Teatox?

A: You should be using Teatox in conjunction with a combined healthy eating and exercise program, so there should be no need to make dramatic changes if you’re currently living a healthy lifestyle. We are not qualified Dietitians or Nutritionists so cannot give you any “advice” on what you should or should not be eating.