El's Energising Matcha Green Tea
Energising Matcha Green Tea

El's Energising Matcha Green Tea

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100% Organic and grown on the untouched & beautiful Jeju Island of South Korea.

Need the energy to keep-on-keeping on? – Get yourself a cup of El’s Energising Matcha!

El’s Energising Matcha is that emerald green jewel required to slow down the mind and energise your body. Our delightful Organic Matcha Powder contains L-Theanine (an Amino Acid found in Tea Leaves that promotes relaxation & lowers stress levels), so it’s no wonder so many folks feel elated when relishing in a cup.

People have been using Green Tea for hundreds of years and it is well known this Powerhouse Powder has several benefits i.e. reducing inflammation, Weight Loss, Supporting Brain and Immune System Functions, just to name but a few reasons why you should incorporate El’s Energising Matcha Green Tea into your lifestyle.


100% Organic Matcha Green Tea. 

(Special Note) Contains Caffeine

Brewing the perfect cup

HOT - Add 1/2 teaspoon of El’s Energising Matcha Powder and rapidly stir in 250mls of hot water until the powder has completely dissolved and you start to see some foam forming on the top.

COLD - Add 1/2 teaspoon of El’s Energising Matcha Powder to protein shakes, smoothies, or juices for a serious energy boost.

Storing Your Tea

Store below 25c in a dry place


BPA Free, Low Carbon footprint.