El's Tantalizing Turmeric Chai Tea
Tantalizing Turmeric Chai Tea

El's Tantalizing Turmeric Chai Tea

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Turmeric is something my Nana has always been super fond of and has been drinking it for longer than I can remember. She would always rattle off the benefits of Turmeric and how it helped with her chronic joint pain, assisted her with better digestion and helped with keeping her blood sugar levels in check.

 At first, I didn’t believe her I thought she was doing the typical Nana thing telling me it’s got benefits and hoping I’d get on the bandwagon. Because honestly how could one spice do all that? However, as the years have gone by and there have been studies and research done on Turmeric I have come to realise she really wasn’t kidding and it indeed has potential benefits.

So, now I am TOTALLY on this bandwagon – thanks Nana!

El’s Tantalizing Turmeric Chai Tea is just that a tantalizing, luxurious blend that has all the usual benefits of Chai and now Turmeric. This earthy and fragrant flavoured tea is basically sunshine spice in a cup! (What more could you possibly want?)

Go on, you know you want to try a cup!

Brewing the perfect cup

Bring these tantalizing herbs to life by infusing 1 teaspoon in 250mls of freshly-boiled water for 3-5 minutes or to preference. Strain and Enjoy!


  • Australian Daintree Black Tea (Pesticide-free)
  • Organic Cinnamon Chips
  • Organic Ginger Chips
  • Organic Turmeric Root Chips
  • Organic Cardamom Seeds
  • Organic Cardamom Pods
  • Organic Cracked Peppercorns
  • Organic Cloves Whole
  • Organic Star Anise
  • Organic Nutmeg Chips

Storing Your Tea

Store below 25c in a dry place


BPA Free, Low Carbon footprint.